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Using the most up-to-date techniques and technologies, we offer our patients a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments,
to ensure you have "Confidence In Your Smile".

Cerec Centre - same day metal free crowns & inlays

Modern ceramics are used where other materials fail, for example break discs on SuperCars eg. Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche.


Less invasive treatment than any other dental restoration - yet heavily reduces the risk of tooth fracture.

The ceramic is shaped and bonded into the cavity making restoration and natural tooth as one.

Less sensitivities - Only one episode of numbing, least number of appointments, ONE!

No bother with temporary crowns, no impressions.

All traditional crowns use a capping technique, A Cerec restoration does not.

All other traditional crown touch the gums and can harm them, eg inflamation, allergies, tattoing, recession. Cerec restorations avoid all of these problems.

With CEREC, a groundbreaking technology, ceramic crowns are prepared and fitted in a single appointment.

Metal free, designed by Cad-Cam technology and milled by robotic diamonds the crown is then in our ceramic studio hand-beautified and perfected to the standard of a master ceramist.