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Using the most up-to-date techniques and technologies, we offer our patients a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments,
to ensure you have "Confidence In Your Smile".

Picture of a soap bubble - as a symbol for needle-free infiltration anaesthesias

The INJEX soft shot replaces the needle by propelling bubbles of fluid through a micro-orifice in the skin / gum cells,

using a precise amount of spring-powered pressure.

An extremely fine jet of fluid gently enters the tissue  in a fraction of a second,

providing needle free anaesthesia for most dental procedures.

Needle free anaesthesia is now available at Vitaliteeth DentalSpa, ask our treatment Co-Ordinators for details.

An amazing new technology we want to share with our patients, especially those with needle phobia.

A world-wide popular system for diabetics for needle free anaesthetic.