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Denture stabilisation of loose dentures could dramatically improve your quality of life


  • you have fear of eating, smiling and even trouble speaking clearly
  • you are tired of the taste and feel of messy denture adhesives
  • your denture is covering your palate reducing your taste for food

Denture stabilisation with MINI-IMPLANTS is the ultimate solution for you 

The procedure is:

safe - tens of thousands of denture wearing patients around the globe have been pleased with the result since the early 1980's.

Your denture feels secure and is being held firmly in place. You will be in safe hands since our principal dentist Martin already placed his first implant in 1999.

quick - with modern implant techniques, dentures are stabilized. Visit your dentist in the morning,

have the "mini implant system" placed in 1 hour, then go and enjoy your favourite dinner the same day.

affordable - MINI-IMPLANTS are far more cost-effective / affordable to stabilize your denture than conventional dental implants


From just £? per month, finance options available, ask our treatment co-ordinator Una for your free consultation.

Eat comfortably, have pleasant conversation, laugh and talk with confidence.

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