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Using the most up-to-date techniques and technologies, we offer our patients a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments,
to ensure you have "Confidence In Your Smile".

Missing or tilted back teeth can cause dents and wrinkles in your face.
Natural or increased wear of your back teeth lowers your bite.

This makes your lower face appear shorter and slightly wider,

causing lines and wrinkles, disturbing the natural proportions of your face.

Sometimes, cosmetic surgery like the facelift procedure is used to
overcome the above problems, although the core of the problem is in
the mouth, and a dental approach is longer lasting, more effective,
less expensive ,safe and painfree.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, this approach can also contribute to the health of your
jawjoints ,remaining teeth, and muscles of your face and neck.
We can give you holistic advice on whether this could be beneficial for you.

Sometimes replacement of 1 tooth or a short application of braces are enough to do the trick.
We are one of a few dental centres in the UK who have experience with THE DENTAL FACELIFT procedure

( 3-9 month programme resulting in increased height and tonicity of your face, using thin ceramics to
restore the original bite situation of your youth )